Advantages of sylysia


The wide range of porosity and particle size available make SYLYSIA® grades suitable for various applications.


Quality and mechanical properties of the applied film

SYLYSIA® grades provide smooth paint film surfaces with a high degree of transparency and homogeneity.
SYLYSIA® lead also to improved mechanical properties of the applied film as well as scratch and chemical resistance.


Ease of dispersion

SYLYSIA® are very easily dispersible also under critical conditions and they can be added in any phase during the production cycle. However, high speed stirring equipment with suitable peripheral speed of 5 to 10 m/s and dispersion time of at least 15 to 20 minutes are recommended to get the best performance from the chosen silica grade.



Fuji Silysia's specially processed micronized silica has a minimal, highly controllable rheological impact.
The small particle size, high pore volume characteristics of our SYLYSIA® grades can create precise, minute changes in viscosity, offering the formulator unparalleled control of the process.


Handling and Safety

SYLYSIA® should be handled with care because of dust development.
SYLYSIA® is a non-crystalline amorphous silica and it is considered safe to humans. It has been approved by the US food and Drug Administration and the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare.