SYLYSIA® is a wide range of high purity synthetic silica gel that is micronized, amorphous and porous.
The chemical structure of SYLYSIA® is based on Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), one of the most available sources on earth. The refractive index of SYLYSIA® is 1.46 -a high transparency similar to many polymer materials. Synthetic micronized silica gel can be used in a wide variety of applications including matting agents in paint and coatings, anti-blocking in polymer films, carrier in catalyst, food and cosmetics and many others.

Characteristics of Sylysia

Sylysia is a micronized synthetic silica with uniform and defined particle size, high porosity, large surface area...
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Application fields of Sylysia

In virtue of its characteristics SYLYSIA can be used as a matting agent in paint systems, anti-blocking agent in polymer films...
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Quality, Safety and Environmental Care are by company policy a high priority and testified by ISO 9001- 45001-14001 certifications…
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