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Matting agent for coatings

Silica is available in a variety of different pore volume, particle size, oil absorption and surface treatment making SYLYSIA the ideal matting agent for the following applications:

  •  Water and solvent based paint and varnish
  •  Leather coating
  •  Wood coating
  •  Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
  •  Coil coating
  •  UV systems
  •  Can coating


Sylysia in OPV offers an excellent matting efficiency combined with high transparency and enhanced blocking resistance.

Inkjet paper coatings
The wide spectrum of particle size, pore volume and oil absorption make SYLYSIA capable of meeting all the requirements of the coating formulators. The use of SYLYSIA speeds the ink drying rates, leading to excellent optical density and color gamut, enhancing high print definition and minimal color to color bleed.



Adding SYLYSIA into the resin, the adhesive effects experienced during rolling and lamination of plastic films can be prevented. Thanks to it refractory index of 1.46 it can be used in most plastic resins without deteriorating film transparency.

Food & Cosmetics

SYLYSIA FCP is an amorphous silica-gel characterized by high purity and high porosity and it is produced to meet the US Pharmacopeia requirements. In the EU it is approved as E551 additive.
It is used as anti-caking agent, flow and viscosity controller.

special fields

Special Fields

SYLYSIA is a synthetic silica characterized by large internal surface area and high porosity. Controlling these properties, the silica can be used in a variety of other of application such Adhesives, Paper, Catalysts supports, Ceramics, …etc.

Further applications

The extreme versatility of SYLYSIA allows usage in many other applications: as anticorrosive agents, anticaking, humidity regulator, Chromatography, filtering agents in breweries and many more.

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